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Schedule of Events

  Memorial Day weekend Wine and Wieners Cookout†††††

Limited space available for dry campers.

  Fourth of July Weekend.

Celebrate our nationís independence.† Hot dogs and potato salad. Limited space available for dry campers.

Other events may be scheduled independent of the winery.

Check for updates.

Railway Winery @ Trestle 71-7

Eureka Springs, AR

 December 25th ó Christmas† Closed

Closed January, reopen first week of February.

 November††† Food & Wine Weekend

 Call for more information.

 Eureka Springs Food & Wine Festival was started in 1993, with most restaurants participating in this food loverís event. November was a quiet month and the weekend was chosen because it is two weeks before Thanksgiving, and yet visitors can do some Christmas shopping while the weather is still pleasant . Click on link for more.

Party on the deck.

Ethan & Arkansas Red.

Another happy festival goer.